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Floating equipment

Miedema Metaal produces custom floating equipment in virtually all shapes and sizes. Designations for floating equipment include work rafts, connectable work rafts, pontoons and coupling pontoons. Miedema Metaal can design and fabricate such floating equipment for you. Are you looking for custom work barges, dredging pontoons, tub pontoons or tub work barges? Even then, Miedema Metaal can be of service to you.  Have floating equipment made? Contact
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    Want to know more about floating equipment?

    Want to know more about buying floating equipment, having custom floating equipment made? Or are you curious about the applications of floating equipment and the materials we can use in this process? Read more below. Please contact us if we can support you as a company with metalworking for floating equipment.

    Buying Floating Equipment

    Do you use your own floating equipment such as work rafts, coupling pontoons or work barges? For example, because you build shoring, repair quay walls, do painting or cleaning work on the water? Then you have the choice of renting or buying. If you regularly need to work on a work platform on the water, it may be advantageous to buy your own work rafts, coupling pontoons or a work barge. If you want to buy floating equipment, Miedema Metaal can design the equipment to fully meet your needs. You can also contact us if you rent floating equipment such as coupling pontoons. From Friesland, we deliver coupling pontoons throughout the Netherlands. The coupling pontoons, like the other floating equipment, can be delivered by truck with a truck-mounted crane.

    Custom floating equipment

    Your business and activities are unique. Therefore, it can be convenient to have custom floating equipment designed and made. Miedema Metaal can make coupling pontoons, work rafts and work barges of various sizes to suit your needs and operations. From our expertise and experience, we are happy to think with you to come up with the optimal floating equipment for you. Our work rafts, coupling pontoons and work barges are stable so you or your staff can work safely on them. If desired, the pontoons can also be equipped with a railing for even greater safety.

    Applications floating equipment

    Our custom designs and fabricated material can be used for a variety of applications. Examples include installing shoring from a work raft, installing sheet piling from a work bucket or storing goods on connectable work rafts. Do you perform such work and are thinking about buying floating equipment? For all these applications, you can have floating equipment such as coupling pontoons, work rafts or tub pontoons designed and manufactured by us. Our floating equipment is suitable for rental companies, landscapers and earth, road and water construction companies, among others. Because our floating equipment has a limited draft, our pontoons, work barges and work rafts are also suitable for working under low bridges.

    Materials floating equipment

    Coupling pontoons recently designed and manufactured by us were made of steel and provided with a durable 2-component coating. To prevent slip hazards, the deck of our floating equipment can be provided with a non-slip coating. Our floating equipment can be supplied in a variety of materials. We are happy to advise you.

    Client railings

    As a railing specialist, we regularly make railing work for renowned clients (including contractors and water boards) in the Netherlands. Of course, we can also make handrail work for municipalities, companies and individuals. We have already made railings for Vegter Waterbouw, Oosterhof Holman, Macadam b.v., contractor Knol Akkrum and Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, among others.

    Our location

    Miedema Metaal and its engineering department is located in Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen (Engwierum).

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