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Torque pontoons

Torque pontoons

For coupling pontoons, Miedema Metaal is the specialist.

Are you also considering buying coupling pontoons? If so, please contact us without obligation so we can provide a custom pontoon quote.

Buy coupling pontoons
At Miedema Metaal, you can buy coupling pontoons. Buying coupling pontoons is an economical alternative to renting coupling pontoons if you use them several times a year. Many of the coupling pontoons that are rented out do not comply with the legislation. Miedema Metaal’s coupling pontoons fully comply with the legislation.

Custom coupling pontoons
Miedema Metaal supplies coupling pontoons of all shapes and sizes. With Miedema Metaal’s custom-made coupling pontoons, a stable work floor can be created in a modular way for various activities on and around the water. The coupling pontoons are ideally suited for carrying (excavation) machinery, materials and people. The great advantage of these coupling pontoons is that the sidewalls are completely flat so the pontoons will not snag or damage.

In-house design and manufacture of coupling pontoons
Our coupling pontoons are manufactured to our own design. As a result, many different sizes and applications are possible.

Coupling pontoons dimensions
The coupling pontoons pictured were designed and manufactured by Miedema Metaal for Kuipers hydraulic engineering in the following dimensions:
Length: 4 meters
Width: 2 meters
Cavity: 0.75 meters.

Miedema Metaal’s coupling pontoons can of course also be manufactured in various other dimensions.
Because the pontoons are coupled, depending on the application, you can choose the size or shape in which you couple the pontoon elements.

Coupling pontoons application
The coupling pontoons shown were designed and manufactured as an alternative to Unifloat/ nato/ army pontoons. The pontoons can be used as a working platform when installing shoring and sheet piling, as well as storage on the water. Other applications of the coupling pontoons are also possible. For example, coupling pontoons are also sometimes used as a temporary bridge or as a stage or terrace on the water. Whatever application you require, at Miedema Metaal we are happy to think with you to design and manufacture the most ideal coupling pontoons for you.

Material coupling pontoons
These coupling pontoons feature a highly durable 2-component coating. The deck can be provided with an anti-slip coating as desired. Various material choices are available in the manufacture of coupling pontoons. We are happy to advise you on this with no obligation.

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