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As a metal company, Miedema Metaal designs and manufactures safe custom railing systems for a variety of applications. A 3D design is created in our engineering department, after which the railing is realized in our metal workshop. In terms of material, steel or stainless steel can be chosen, combined with thermal galvanization and/or powder coating to prevent corrosion. Of course, the finish can be in your desired RAL color.

In most cases, we make the railings for bridges, such as car bridges and footbridges. But other applications are also possible. Think of complete handrails for custom-made stairs, loading areas and balustrades or handrail stands, but of course there are many other applications for which you may need a handrail. Contact us if you are interested in our railing work.


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    Want to know more about handrail work?

    We are happy to help you realize a wide variety of railing jobs. Most customers, including companies, contractors, municipalities, water boards and sometimes individuals, are located in Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe, but we supply railing work throughout the Netherlands. Read more about custom handrails or having a modern handrail made below.

    Custom railings steel

    A handrail is pre-eminently a product that needs to be custom made. After all, bridges, stairs and balustrades usually have unique dimensions to which the handrail must fit. When you want custom handrail designed and/or fabricated, Miedema Metaal in the right place. By the way, when it comes to a stair railing, we can also design, fabricate and supply the staircase itself for you. Whether you need custom handrails in Friesland or elsewhere in the Netherlands, Miedema Metaal is happy to serve you. The possibilities of custom handrails are endless. Of course, we are happy to help you make the right choice.

    Having modern handrail made

    A modern bridge or staircase needs a modern custom railing. Miedema Metaal is happy to help you with this. We often supply our modern handrails in steel, which are hot-dip galvanized and/or powder coated. A modern handrail made of stainless steel is also an option. Our expert designers are happy to think with you and give you sound advice. They design custom handrails that are an excellent fit for the modern new or existing bridge. We are happy to help you make the right choice. After we have designed the modern handrail for you, it is made in our workshop.

    You can now find our high-quality modern bridge railings in many places in Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe, but also increasingly in the rest of the Netherlands. We can also fully design and fabricate steel walkways. Miedema Metaal’s help as a specialist custom handrail is increasingly being sought throughout the Netherlands. Recently we designed and fabricated a modern pedestrian bridge including railing in Almere.

    Having a classic handrail made

    Naturally, an authentic or classic bridge or staircase requires a custom-made classic steel handrail. Miedema Metaal designs and fabricates your custom classic handrail for bridges, stairs and other applications in the Netherlands. Would you like to have a classic custom steel handrail made for an authentic or monumental bridge in Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe or elsewhere in the Netherlands? Or are you looking for a classic stair railing or balustrade? Together, we are happy to make your project a success with railing work with an authentic or monumental look. Choose a durable one that is almost indistinguishable from the original and contact us without obligation.

    Have metal handrail made in the Netherlands

    For our stainless steel or steel railing work, we deliver in most cases in the northern provinces of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. But Miedema Metaal also supplies commissioned handrails in the rest of the Netherlands. In Friesland you can find our railings other at bridges in Wirdum, Oosterwijtwerd, Dieftil, Tjuchem, Hallum and Kommerzijl. One of our recently completed projects is a pedestrian bridge with railing in Almere. We deliver throughout the Netherlands: from Groningen to Amsterdam and from Leeuwarden to Maastricht. Delivery abroad is also no problem.

    Client railings

    As a railing specialist, we regularly make railing work for renowned clients (including contractors and water boards) in the Netherlands. Of course, we can also make handrail work for municipalities, companies and individuals. We have already made railings for Vegter Waterbouw, Oosterhof Holman, Macadam b.v., contractor Knol Akkrum and Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, among others.

    Our location

    Miedema Metaal and its engineering department is located in Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen (Engwierum).

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