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From engineering to manufacturing, with the customer at its center

On this page you can read about what services we offer and how we operate.

As a metal company, we have our own engineering department. As a result, the lines are short, and everything is achievable.

With our years of experience, we know metal like no other. Therefore, from machining to construction, you have come to the right place.

One of our specialties is that we are subcontractors for hydraulic engineering and fishing. Check out our projects in these categories for an impression.

Method of engineering

Miedema Metaal is at your service when it comes to engineering steel structures and products. We use modern software to calculate, model and draw constructions. We look at the right technical design, choice of materials and production method. For example, Miedema Metaal has custom designed and manufactured several coupling pontoons and (coupling) work rafts for various clients. In addition, Miedema Metaal provides engineering services for products that are required/produced elsewhere.

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Method of metalworking and construction

Thanks to extensive and versatile machinery, we can deliver diverse projects quickly. The following operations, among others, are possible:

CNC edgingSettingCutting
SlicingProfile rollingPlate rolls
PressingPunchingCNC sawing
Conventional sawingWeldingTurning
MillingStichesThread cutting
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Metalworking and construction

Supplier for hydraulic engineering & fishing

Method of hydraulic engineering

Miedema Metaal is a supplier to the hydraulic engineering industry. Not only do we supply bridges, jetties and railings. We also supply parts for sheet piling, such as anchors, screw anchors, anchor rods, anchor heads, tensioners, deck gaps, angle needles, angle strips, and many more parts. Supplied from stock or customized and delivered quickly.

Scaffolding parts are available from stock or made to order. Among others, pole caps, mooring rings, bollards, story pins and frogs.

We also supply fasteners from stock. Hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel. Studs up to 3 meters, carriage bolts, wood threaded bolts, nuts, coupling nuts, washers and washers.

Method of fishing equipment

Coils, also known as shrimp coils, have been made by Miedema Metaal since the 1960s and delivered throughout the Netherlands and abroad. From parts in stock, each coil is custom-made entirely to your requirements, and delivered within 24 hours if necessary!


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