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Steel stairs

Looking for an indoor or outdoor steel staircase? Miedema Metaal designs and builds custom steel stairs. Our steel stairs can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. Check out our recent work on steel stairs in our portfolio. Contact us to request a free quote for your steel staircase.


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    Want to know more about our steel stairs?

    We are happy to tell you more about our steel stairs, the different materials, and the different types. Below you can find additional information about our steel stairs.

    Custom steel stairs

    Are you looking for a custom steel staircase? Then you can have it designed and/or built by us. Many homes and commercial buildings are (relatively) unique. In those cases, building a steel staircase is also custom work. In a home, a steel staircase adds a modern or industrial element.

    Buy steel stairs

    Want to buy a steel staircase for a home or commercial building? Choose something unique and have your staircase designed by Miedema Metaal. Together with you, we will arrive at the steel staircase you envision. Our engineers have extensive experience designing steel stairs. In our workshop with modern machinery, we then build the staircase for you. “What does a steel staircase cost?”, many people ask. It depends entirely on your needs. Please contact us for a free quote.

    What material for your stairs?

    Still unsure about which material to choose for your staircase? More and more homes are choosing steel stairs. That’s for a reason. Steel is less prone to damage. The finish can be in virtually any color, with a powder-coated finish being reasonably scratch-resistant. Because a steel staircase has virtually no wear and tear, it is also a very durable choice. Having a steel staircase made has even more advantages. Steel is an attractive choice because it provides a modern look. This looks great in modern homes, but a steel staircase can also give a chic clean look in classic homes. Steel is also a very strong material. For both residential and commercial buildings, steel is a good and safe choice. In consultation with you, we will design the staircase you are looking for. Materials can also be combined. For example, consider a steel staircase with wooden treads. Glass or plastic treads could also be combined with a steel staircase.

    Types of steel stairs

    If you are having a custom staircase made, there are several types of steel stairs to choose from. Of course, you can choose a straight staircase, also known as a straight pitch staircase. Even with less space, a virtually straight staircase can be chosen. After all, it has only a slight twist. Such a staircase is called a crooked (also called a cross-eyed) staircase. In addition, there are stairs that make a (quarter) turn at the bottom or top, such as the bottom quarter staircase or the top quarter staircase. Twice turning is also possible. This is called a staircase with two quarters. Well known are also spiral staircases and spiral staircases. These are applied in places and have the advantage of saving space. A bored staircase is also an option if you want to buy or have a steel staircase made. It is a staircase, where several straight stairs are interrupted by one or more platforms, or landings. All of these stairs can be designed in steel. Which type of staircase you choose depends on your needs or those of your client. Feel free to contact us to spar about which type of staircase is right for your home or commercial property.

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    Miedema Metaal and its engineering department is located in Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen (Engwierum).

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