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Would you like to have a custom steel or custom metal project completed? With our own engineering department and extensive machinery, we are one of the most experienced metalworking companies in the Netherlands. We perform very diverse assignments in the field of metalworking and construction. The portfolio below shows some of our custom metal projects. Contact us to discuss options for your project. We are happy to think with you.


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    Want to know more about our metalworking projects and techniques?

    We would be happy to tell you more about our metal projects and the techniques we use. With our metalwork, we work for companies, contractors and government organizations such as a municipality. Are you looking for metalworking near you? We can help you realize your metal projects nationwide and even beyond. We provide metalworking for clients in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leeuwarden and numerous other locations. Also, if you are an individual looking for metalwork for a nice project, you can contact us.

    In the realization of these projects, we use various techniques and machines. For example, we can CNC edge, bend, cut and sheet metal, as well as profile rolling, punching and CNC sawing. This allows us to provide you with optimal service in the field of metalworking and construction. You will find the end result of our (contribution to) metal projects on the water, in public spaces, in business parks, in commercial buildings and in and around homes.

    We also carry out regular assignments for fishing companies and cooperatives. For example, we are specialists in making bobbins/shrimp rolls. Bobbins, also called shrimp rolls, are made by Miedema Metaal and delivered throughout the Netherlands and abroad. They are available quickly (within 24 hours) if needed.

    Our various custom metal projects

    In our portfolio you will find a selection of very diverse projects in the field of metalworking and construction. Are you looking for an exclusive custom steel staircase or custom Corten steel planters for in and around your commercial building or home? We arrange it for companies and individuals. Do you want to have a steel structure made for at a business building or in public spaces? That, too, is possible. A corten steel watchtower or an unusual bus shelter? We can make it.

    Miedema Metaal also carries out various custom metal projects for the benefit of ships. For example, we designed and realized aluminum wheelhouses, masts, handrails and decks for several ships. Check out our portfolio pages and discover that we can handle virtually any metal job. We recently made steel heavy traffic gratings and ship blocks, as well as steel components (overflows) for a new building at the University of Groningen.

    Techniques in the realization of various projects

    As mentioned, one of the techniques we use in our custom metal projects is CNC edging or setting, cutting, sheet metal rolling, as well as profile rolling, punching and CNC sawing. We can also conventionally saw, turn, mill, stab, thread and weld with our machines.

    CNC edging

    What is CNC edging? CNC edging is the computer-controlled bending of sheet metal. The fast operation also makes this technique cost-effective for single pieces. Thanks to simulations in advance, very complicated settlements can be made by us particularly precisely. Also suitable for larger series. Thanks to various tools, CNC edging can be used to make all kinds of shapes, including settlements with angles smaller than 90°, up to 20°! Wondering what the submission specifications are or how we can help with the design? Feel free to


    In our projects, the metalworking technique of cutting is used to cut sheet metal up to a thickness of 12 millimeters. Thanks to a computer-controlled stop and fast operation, steel sheets are accurately cut to size within seconds with our machines. A co-moving support table guides the material and ensures proper disposal of the cut materials. Would you like to have metal machined by cutting? We are happy to help.

    Plate Rollers

    Plate rolling is a metalworking technique we use for radiusing sheet metal up to 10 millimeters thick. A sheet is turned between rollers in our metal workshop, creating a gradual bend. Conical rolling can also be done, where one side of the sheet is bent more than the other. By bending, where one end of a sheet is clamped between rollers, it is possible to apply a radius along the entire length of a sheet. For example, a large pipe can be made without leaving a straight section at the point of attachment. Making casing tubes, tanks, plates for excavator buckets or plating or parts of machines is also possible with plate rolling. Looking for metalworking companies using sheet metal rolling? We are happy to help.


    Pressing is a metalworking technique in which a machine with high pressing power and a large worktable makes all kinds of shapes. Thanks to a large stock of bending tools and molds, even difficult shapes can be made quickly. Pressing technology is also cost-effective for small batches or single pieces. Thus, from a plate, a sphere of 30 millimeters thickness and Ø 700 millimeters can be printed. Pressing is a metalworking technique that we use to make lids for pipe piles, pile caps, brackets, clamping plates and so on. Pressing is also suitable for straightening, to make damaged parts or railing straight again. Do you want to have metal machined by plate rolling? Contact
    with us.

    Profile rollers

    Profile rolling is used in metalworking. It is round bending of profiles such as a tube, tube, T-steel, angle steel and UNP, as well as solid such as round, semicircular and square. Because we have a large number of different rollers, we can ensure that the diverse profiles are properly confined and fixed during bending. Controlled pressure rollers ensure that the products are not, or if desired are, twisted during round bending. Looking for metalworking by profile rolling? We’d love to hear.


    In our metal workshop we also use the technique of punching. Punching is a quick and cost-effective alternative to drilling and cutting. In less than a second, a punch presses a hole in sheet, strip, angle steel, or other profiles using a punch and bottom die. Even UNP and HEA. It can be used to make round, square or slotted holes. From Ø3mm to Ø50mm and up to 25mm thick. Would you like to have metal machined by punching? Feel free to
    with us.

    CNC sawing

    Our workshop has several fully automatic sawing machines that quickly and cost-effectively cut materials to an accurate length. CNC cutting is a suitable form of metalworking for single pieces and small series to large series. Looking for metalworking by CNC sawing? We are happy to help.

    Our location

    Miedema Metaal and its engineering department is located in Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen (Engwierum).

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